Masters of Art

The Art Area is made up of professionals specialized in painting, sculpture, engraving and decorative arts from the most relevant artists in the history of art.

Combining technical and legal advice to collectors and owners of notable works of art, we offer completely personalized certification, appraisal, insurance, documentation and market advisory services.

Likewise, we offer art advisory services for investors, with the aim of offering our clients the enjoyment, economic profitability, tax advantages, confidentiality and security that comes with investing in the works of art of the great masters.

Contemporary art

The complex world of contemporary art needs tailored solutions. In our Art area we offer comprehensive support and advisory services to active artists in the tax area, exhibition mounting, editions of original graphic work, copyright, relations with contemporary art galleries, art fairs, and relations with the market.

  Collectors or entities interested in contemporary art will discover comprehensive advice for their artistic assets. Current art is a rising value, which is why we put at your disposal all the necessary tools for the art lover, as well as access to the most prestigious artists of the 20th century. XX and s. XXI, Spanish and international.

International projection

The world of the Art market is a very attractive refuge investment,

especially at times when investments

Financial institutions offer low profitability and high risk.

Artistic advisory services
to entities, private collectors and artists:

  • Appraisal, documentation, export and import and legal regularization of works of art.
  • Comprehensive legal advice for artists.
  • Support for artist dissemination: art fairs, galleries, editions of original graphic work, etc.
  • Management of artistic heritage for entities and individuals.
  • Intermediation in operations of purchase and sale of works of art.
  • Advice for art investors.
  • Management and acquisition of historic properties.