What do lawyers specialising in criminal law do?

  • Crimes against INTIMACY AND HONOUR
  • Offences against PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
  • Offences against the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY
  • Offences against PUBLIC HEALTH
  • Offences of membership of ILLICIT ASSOCIATIONS
  • Offences against FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS
  • Offences against the CONSTITUTION
  • TRAFFIC offences
  • Corruption offences
  • Crimes of membership of CRIMINAL ORGANISATIONS
  • Crimes against LIFE
  • Crimes against LIBERTY
  • Offences against PROPERTY
  • Offences against the ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE
  • Offences against PUBLIC ORDER
  • Other offences committed by OFFICIALS



What is the first thing I have to do if I have committed a crime?

When the legal services of a lawyer are required, several circumstances must be taken into account. The main one is to identify which branch of law handles the specific case. In this way it will be possible to know whether it is necessary to hire a generalist lawyer or a specialised one. There is no doubt that when it comes to criminal law, it is essential to opt for a criminal lawyer. He or she will be much more up to date on criminal law.

What is the classification of criminal offences in our legal system?

Article 13 of the Penal Code distinguishes between three types of offences:

1. Serious offences: These include offences for which the law provides for a serious penalty, e.g. trafficking in human beings, murder, etc.

2. Less serious offences: These are offences punishable by less serious penalties, e.g. the offence of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

3. Minor offences: These are offences punishable by light penalties, e.g. minor coercion.

What are the criminal offences according to their consummation?

  • Instantaneous offences
  • Permanent offences
  • Habitual offences
  • Continuous offences
  • Fragrant offences
  • Related offences

What are the main branches of criminal law?

Within Criminal Law, there are some specialities which, due to their magnitude, have been separated from Criminal Law in general. They belong to other fields, but, as they have criminal liability, they can be included in this branch:

  • Economic Criminal Law
  • International Criminal Law