TCM LEGAL’s main asset is its team of professionals and collaborators

The firm allocates part of its resources to recruiting and developing its team with the aim of providing clients with the best defense, the most appropriate advice and the most effective solutions.



He holds a PhD in Law from UDIMA, a Master’s Degree in Private Law from the Madrid Bar Association, a Master’s Degree in Commercial Management from IDE-CESEM, a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration from the European Business School, a Postgraduate Degree in Criminal Law and Business Economics from the European University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the European University of Madrid. His practice focuses on the legal management of legal proceedings in the civil, commercial and criminal fields. Expert in Banking and Criminal Law, he has participated in numerous proceedings before different Courts in our country.


PhD in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, Master in Business Administration from the University of Berkeley (USA), IV MIDE Promotion from the Instituto de Empresa of Madrid and Degree in Law from the San Pablo CEU University of Madrid. Expert in Bankruptcy, Criminal and Urban Law. At the head of major firms, he has managed large financial operations and business restructurings in the European market. In addition, as a criminal lawyer, he has developed a long experience in proceedings mainly of an economic nature.


Head of the firm’s Commercial Law department. Double Degree in Law + Finance and Accounting from the International University of La Rioja. Specialist in civil and commercial mediation, as well as contract drafting. Extensive knowledge in the area of criminal compliance. Member of the Madrid Bar Association.


She holds a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice from the Madrid Bar Association, a Master’s Degree in Law and Business Administration from the University of Murcia and a Law Degree from the same University.

She has more than twenty years of experience in Labour Law, Criminal Law and Immigration Law, as well as being a member of the Madrid Bar Association, where she is attached to the Labour, Criminal, Gender Violence and Family Law sections.


CEO and founder of SICURA. Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalisation from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Graduate in Criminology from the Catholic University of Murcia, Private Detective from the Complutense University of Madrid and Compliance Officer from the Antonio de Nebrija University. Lecturer at the European University Miguel de Cervantes and the Lisa Institute. External expert accredited by SEBLAC in the prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. His professional life has been linked to private security, investigation and criminology. He was head of security at Crédit Commercial de France (CCF). As a researcher, he has specialised in economic crime and fraud prevention, as well as criminological research to support the work of lawyers. He is a member of the Illustrious College of Criminology of the Community of Madrid.


Head of the Secretariat and Administration Department.